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Products of Social Conditions" Children that are raised in an environment shaped by potentially negative social conditions may get caught in a repeating a negative cycle that can lead to poor decision making and a lack of education thereby limiting individual opportunity. Community First is a program that seeks to help break the cycle and help reduce the growing dropout rate in our communities by helping to overcome some of the obstacles faced by those who have not obtained his/her High School diploma or HISET diploma. The Community First program is a non-profit mentoring program that offers individuals aged 16 and older that are not enrolled in school and/or do not have a high school diploma and want to receive a HISET (High School Equivalency Test) certificate. We offer extensive services to everyone with the desire to augment their education in order to increase their occupational opportunities. Our goal is to educate young adults, prepare them for the HISET exam, and also provide mentorship and other resources that were not previously available to them. The program focuses on assisting participants in setting and realizing goals for college or trade school. Our staff helps foster an environment that nurtures higher self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Community First encourages students to develop healthier relationships with parents, teachers, and peers and to make more positive lifestyle choices. We work with financial partnerships to teach basic financial competencies such as setting up a bank account and keeping a checkbook. Our program provides the tools needed to become productive members of our society. Community First offers educational instruction, family counseling, mentoring program, health, financial literacy, domestic violence prevention against men and women, food programs for young mothers/fathers, job placement, and interview preparation. Community First also promotes giving back through community service. Follow-up services are conducted for at least twelve months after a student exits the program. Community First will call listed contacts, schedule home visits to follow the progress of our students, and maintain open communication to track and monitor post-secondary educational or employment retention and participant’s needs. Comprehensive guidance and counseling services including drug and alcohol abuse counseling, as well as referrals to other counseling resources, as appropriate to the needs of the individual student is will also be provided through Community First Counseling Services. Additionally, participants can attain a Degree or Certification in a vocational skill obtained through partnerships with local businesses that specialize in trades such as construction, allied health, social services, administrative roles, and teacher assistants for all students who are in post-secondary school, Community First has set aside a day for them to come back and go over lessons that students are having trouble with in school. Bossier Parish Community College has committed to working with Community First People for the People graduates to provide them with post-secondary educational opportunities.

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Categories Education, youth development, training, and employment Secondary (high school and college prep) education Higher Education Adult and continuing education Basic and remedial instruction (adult literacy, math skills, ESL, and high school equivalency) Youth development Youth mentoring (adult, intergenerational, and peer mentoring) Youth intervention (at-risk) programs Student and education services and support Education, youth development, training, and employment, N.E.C. Health and mental health Food Programs Food banks and pantries
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Community First People for the People School
202 miller street
Minden, LA 71055
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  • Hours of operation: Monday: 9:00AM - 12:00PM Tuesday: 9:00AM - 12:00PM Wednesday: CLOSED Thursday: 9:00AM - 12:00PM Fri
  • Fee: Free
  • Requirements: individuals aged 16 and older that are not enrolled in school and/or do not have a high school diploma
  • Intake procedures: Enrollment* Complete Enrollment – Intake forms, Learning inventory, essay on “why I’m attending this class” Rules for Community First Next Day* Locator TABE testing BPCC Discuss Test Scores- Assign test schedule
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Community First: People for the People is a non-profit mentoring program that offers individuals aged—16 and older—that are not enrolled in school, or do not have their high school diploma to receive a HiSET (High School Equivalency Test) certificate—which is the equivalent to a High School Diploma. Here, we offer extensive services to everyone that wants to augment their education in order to increase their occupational opportunities. Community First provides not only education but edification as well; While our primary focus is academics, Community First also provides services such as Basic Computer Skills, Job Readiness, Financial Literacy, as well as Health and Family Structure Literacy. Although it has only been open for less than five months, Community First has already made great strides regarding recruiting and re-educating those who want to achieve a HiSET certificate. Community First now has an average of 30-35 students a day attending classes; four students have already graduated from the program, and one is now in college. The instructors at Community First are accredited, and all staff members are screened through a vigorous process that determines who can provide instruction in scholarly matters and in moral matters as well. With their assistance, our students have exceeded their own expectations; with each test taken, the students’ evaluation marks are rising between one to four grade levels. The state of Louisiana’s test scores averages at 52%, with Community First’s test scores averaging in at 56%. Just a little about our school.

202 miller street
MINDEN, LA 71055
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