Holleys Hopping Habitat

Haughton, LA

Holley's Hopping Habitat-Rabbit Rescue & Education Center is the only 501(c)(3) non-profit domestic (pet) rabbit rescue and education facility in North Louisiana. Our facility is committed to the rescue, sheltering, care, and adoption of domestic rabbits. When helping our little furry friends, we have them checked out by a veterinarian, get them spayed and neutered, assess them for adoption, and work to get them adopted to a loving home. Each rabbit is unique in that they are not all adoptable, and since we are a 'no kill' facility those particular buns get to stay at the Habitat for as long as needed. In addition to serving as a safe haven for unwanted and neglected pet rabbits, we also provide endless education to the public through our education program, Rabbit Club. Rabbit Club gives us the platform to provide information to anyone wanting to learn more about rabbits, how to be a good pet rabbit owner, or just curious about how our facility works. To share as much education as possible, we distribute customized booklets at any and all events that we participate in (like the Bloom Festival at Norton Art Gallery). We also host presentations at the Habitat and at other facilities (like The ARC and local schools). With presentations, we are able to show what we do at the shelter, inform others about rabbits, answer any questions people may have about rabbits, and how we use our facility to better the environment through composting. Interested individuals, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, church youth groups, homeschooling groups, and small classroom groups have all enjoyed coming out to the Habitat for a presentation. By the way, a presentation at the Habitat usually takes about 3-hours. Another fun program that Holley's Hopping Habitat offers to our community is our therapy program, Bunny Cuddlin'. By using certified rabbits, we are able to visit special care facilities in our area and bring some bunny love to those who would not be able to otherwise see us at other events or activities. It gives us a great sense of pride to know that we are able to bring a smile to someone's face who may not have experienced joy for some time. Our favorite places to visit are the special needs daycare facilities and the nursing homes in our community. Nothing makes a bunny happier than putting a smile on someone's face. If you are curious as to how a bunny can bring on the smiles, then you should definitely talk to us about meeting them. If you should have any further questions about our organization, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Holleys Hopping Habitat
208 w mckinley ave
Haughton, LA 71037
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Holley's Hopping Habitat

Holley's Hopping Habitat is seeking monetary donations for veterinary care of the animals entering the shelter and for shelter supplies such as feed, cleaning supplies, event materials, etc. Please contact the organization for more details.


Shelter Volunteers

Volunteers are needed for daily shelter cleaning, working events, assisting with web media (photography), and with animal training. Please contact us for additional information.

Activities Coordinator

ALL ages are welcome to apply for this position. That's right! If you have a 6-year old child or if you are an 80-year old individual...we will consider your application. Sometimes, inspiration comes for the most unlikely sources so we don't want to cross anyone off the list that would be a great fit for the Habitat. To obtain additional information about this position, and to apply for the Activities Coordinator position, please visit